Improved collaboration in local authorities

For local government authorities and their local schools using Microsoft 365

With IntraActive Connect the educational and administrative staff can now collaborate across Microsoft 365 tenants

Educational staff in schools and local administrative staff can now collaborate across Microsoft 365 tenants

Many local authorities face the issue of having separate IT systems from their contacts at the local schools. This creates a need for the administrative and educational staff to easily collaborate and share information through emails, calendar, intranet and collaboration portals. 

IntraActive Connect bridges the two worlds

IntraActive  Connect is the product that breaks down this barrier. IntraActive Connect enables you to collaborate across 2 or more Microsoft 365 tenants, thereby giving the user experience of collaborating on the same platform. 

IntraActive Connect makes it possible for educational and administrative staff to easily collaborate on a joint intranet and share each others calendars. 


Through IntraActive Connect the Danish municipality of Horsens has minimized their need of Microsoft 365 subscriptions thus reducing the amount of educational staff who had a subscription to both the administrative and educational Microsoft 365 tenant. And they’ve done so without compromizing security.

Use case for IntraActive Connect

Jane is an administrative employee in the local city hall who needs to collaborate with Peter, a teacher at one of the local schools.

IntraActive Connect connects the administrative and educational staff without compromising security.

Jane and Peter can collaborate in the administrative collaboration sites and Jane can easily book meetings with Peter in Outlook where she can see his availability, just like Peter can look up Jane in his Outlook. However, Jane has not been given access to the collaboration site that Peter and his fellow teachers use to plan next years schedules.

Bridge the gap

IntraActive Connect provides the optimal foundation for B2B collaboration

Share calendar information

Share presence across Office 365 environments such as free/busy.


Emails between 2 tenants are encrypted with TLS Connection.

Synchronization of address lists

Syncronize address lists across Office 365 environments.

Rettigheder på adresselister

Segmentér adresselister så alle ikke automatisk har adgang til at se jeres samarbejdspartners adresseliste.

B2B samarbejde

Adgang til delte ressourcer på tværs af to eller flere tenant’s. Fx Teams, SharePoint med mere.

Evergreen produkt

IntraActive Connect opdateres løbende så sikkerhed, hastighed og funktioner altid er i top.