Bridge the gap between organizations' Office 365 worlds

Build a bridge between worlds

IntraActive Connect bridges Office 365 environments and enables increased collaboration between organizations

IntraActive Connect

IntraActive Connect can be used to bridge...

Enable collaboration

IntraActive Connect provides the optimal options for B2B collaboration

Shared calendar information

Share presence between Office 365 tenants, like free/busy.


Mails between 2 tenants are encrypted with TLS Connection. 

Synchronized address lists

Syncronize address lists across Office 365 tenants.

Permissions on address lists

Segment address lists so everyone doesn't automatically have access to see the same address lists.

B2B Collaboration

Access to shared ressources across two or more tenants, like Teams, SharePoint and more.

Evergreen product

IntraActive Connect is continually updated so security, performance and functionality is always at the highest quality.