Terms of use for IntraActive Learning

About IntraActive Learning

“Learning” of the “solution” refers to IntraActive Learning.

“IntraActive” is a product suite developed by Fellowmind Denmark.

“The IntraActive team” and “We” is the product team in Fellowmind Denmark that is responsible for development of the IntraActive products.

“Fellowmind Denmark” has VAT number DK25790936

“Fellowmind Denmark” is part of “Fellowmind B.V”

“Fellowmind B.V” has VAT number NL814489886B01 and headquarters in Netherlands.

“IntraActive for Teams” is an app for Microsoft Teams is an app in teams that is used to show content from Replay.

“You” and “customer” refers to the customer who chooses to add the solution from Teams Store.

App Distribution

The solution is delivered as Software-as-a-Service and hosted by Fellowmind Denmark and Cursum A/S in Microsoft Azure in Ireland.

After installation, the app will ask for required permissions which must be given by a Global Admin on the Microsoft tenant where the app is installed.


Upon adding IntraActive Learning from Teams Store, your company information, including contact email and phone number, is saved in the Microsoft Partner Portal. We may use this information to contact you and offer our help to get you started with IntraActive Learning. At any time you can request that this information be removed and that you are no longer contacted.


IntraActive Learning on a limited trial-basis is free to use. If you want to use the full solution for all users in your tenant then you will have to pay for a subscription first. Please contact info@intraactive.dk for a price quote. 


We only offer support for those customers that have a paid subscription with IntraActive Learning or a similar agreement.

Limitations for non-paying customers

We strive to offer a full range of features for all customers, including those that do not pay and use the solution for evaluation purposes. However, we reserve the right to restrict or refuse use of any and all features for customers who are not on a paid plan. This might include such features that require time consuming configuration of integrations to third party systems.

Limitations of liability

 IntraActive and Fellowmind is not liable for any loss of revenue, costs incurred, or any other kind of financial loss related to the use of IntraActive Learning.

For example:

  1. You are responsible for only giving access to the users who are licensed to use the solution.
  2. Loss of business opportunity or goodwill

In cases where we are deemed liable by agreement or through the justice system, the refund can never exceed the payment that IntraActive Learning received from the customer in what equals 3 (three) months of license..

Data security and GDPR

User data in IntraActive Learning is saved in Azure in Ireland. IntraActive Learning provides features required to uphold the terms of GDPR but it is the responsibility of the customer to be compliant with GDPR and other data security and protection laws that may be applicable for you.

In addition to the content that you add to Replay through the Replay Teams App, we also record username of the users who access the app.


We may ask for your approval to use your company in a case study for marketing purposes on our website and to be distributed elsewhere on and off the internet.

We may choose to highlight any customer as a reference in internal and external marketing, but you are welcome to request at any time that we remove your company from the referral list.

Confidential Information

All user data that we record when you use IntraActive Learning is regarded as confidential information by us and will not be shared with anyone outside Fellowmind without your explicit consent.


If any of these terms are deemed to be invalid or unlawful in accordance with Danish law, then only the terms in question are affected and other terms are still applicable. If any such incompatibility between the terms and Danish law is discovered, we will update the terms as soon as possible.

These terms can be updated with reasonable notice.

The terms are governed by Danish law and disagreements that need to be handled by a court will be handled by courts in Frederiksberg which is the location of the headquarters of Fellowmind Denmark which is the legal entity that IntraActive Learning belongs to.