07. September 2020

Applus Bilsyn in Denmark and the sister company K1 Katsastus in Finland have launched 2 new intranets based on IntraActive - one for each country.

Applus Bilsyn is Denmark’s largest and oldest car inspection company. Together with the Finnish sister company K1 Katsastus, they form Applus + Automotive Nordic. With 77 inspection halls in Finland and 145 in Denmark, they can offer inspection and testing of cars throughout Denmark and Finland.

With such a wide reach, it is essential for CEO Denmark / Country Manager Finland, Per V. Rasmussen, and the remaining management to highlight and strengthen the corporate culture. It must be recognizable throughout the organization, whether it is in the head quarters in Høje Taastrup or Turku, or in the inspection halls in Tønder and Kokkola. And this is where the new intranet comes into play: Its main task is to support and strengthen the corporate culture.

With IntraActive and SharePoint, Applus has found the right platform to share news and information with all colleagues in Denmark and Finland. The new intranets have become the new digital workplace and daily “newspaper” for Applus + employees, with its user-friendly interface and recognizable design, kept in Applus’ orange color.

It is here the inspectors in the different inspection halls can find the information they need to carry out their work, whether they’re inspecting a Toyota Yaris from 2018 or test a used Volvo from ’99. The intranet has also become Applus’ favorite communication channel, where small stories from everyday life can be shared and used to bridge the gap between colleagues despite the geographical distance.

Previously, Applus had an outdated solution that was cumbersome to maintain. IntraActive Intranet has now enabled editors to communicate effectively and in a modern way. In addition, the intranet has a strong integration with essential tools and the rest of the organization’s Office 365 applications, which employees must use in their daily work.

“Our two new intranets have become the employees' daily information platforms, where they can find relevant information about what is happening around the organization and in the various inspection halls. Through them, we have a culture-bearing platform that binds us all together. ”
Per V. Rasmussen.
CEO / Country Manager Finland

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