Solar boosts digital skills with IntraActive Learning

24. February 2024

Solar, a leading European sourcing and services company, has implemented IntraActive Learning to improve employees' digital skills across 5 countries and 3,000 employees

IntraActive Learning was a good match

Kristine Holm Jørgensen, Training & Communications Specialist at Solar, explains why they chose IntraActive Learning as their learning portal.

"We needed a global learning portal because we are located in different countries and we have different ways of working. We needed a single place where we could find our training in Microsoft 365 tools. We also had a need to raise the level of competence. Everyone had some knowledge from home or from other workplaces, but we did not have a global approach to it. That is why we decided to implement a learning portal where we are sure that the information is up to date and that it is consistent with how we want the systems to be used."
Kristine Holm Jørgensen
Training & Communications Specialist, Solar

Kristine Holm Jørgensen adds that they also needed a solution that they did not have to maintain themselves, so that they could save precious IT resources.

You can’t make the material evergreen yourself in the same way as it is in a learning portal, because when you create a guide one day, it can look different the next day. So it was important that our new solution was something that that we don’t have to maintain ourselves, but where we can follow along and see what new apps and functions are coming.” 

A user-friendly learning boost

Since the implementation of IntraActive Learning, feedback from users has been positive and the number of visitors to the portal is increasing.

"The good thing about IntraActive Learning is that you can take the courses in small chunks at a time that fits into your working day, and that you don't have to spend more than half an hour a week to get relatively far."
Kristine Holm Jørgensen
Training & Communications Specialist, Solar

Kristine Holm Jørgensen adds that they have been able to use some of the courses and their content as onboarding and adoption material for separate IT implementations, e.g. when they launched Teams Calling for a large part of the organization.

"Our group language is English, but many of our employees are employed in Denmark. So it's nice that you can easily switch the course language between Danish and English. And it's also fun that there's a little quiz so you can challenge yourself. I really like that the courses are divided into small, well-described sections, so it's easy to find what you need."
Kristine Holm Jørgensen
Training & Communications Specialist, Solar

Strategic use of digital tools

Solar has made the strategic decision that Microsoft Teams is the central collaboration platform across the organization and here IntraActive Learning plays a significant role.

"IntraActive Learning is a good way to support Solar's digital strategy and vision in conjunction with our parallel initiatives, such as Team's super users and ongoing sharing of tips and tricks. Now we just have to keep up the effort so that we can reach even more employees with the learning portal."
Kristine Holm Jørgensen
Training & Communications Specialist, Solar

IntraActive Learning is a cloud-based learning portal that can be integrated with Microsoft 365 and provides access to courses and tips on various Microsoft applications. The courses are short and interactive with quizzes and videos to test users’ knowledge and skills. Users can easily search for the courses and tips they need, or follow a learning path that fits their role and goals. It is also possible to track progress and achievements.

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