Danske Familieadvokater (Danish Family Lawyers) has a new modern membership portal

16. June 2020

When Danske Familieadvokater needed a new membership portal, they wanted to make sure that it became modern and up-to-date. Thus, the technology choice was on IntraActive Intranet.

Danske Familieadvokater (DFA) recently saw the need for a modernization of their membership portal. Instead of carrying on with the existing solution, DFA wanted to “throw the ball in the air”, think new, and build a new portal with up-to-date functionality and up-to-date technology.

The portal is a meeting place for DFA’s members, and functions as an intranet with general news, news from the chairman, address book, hearing responses, decisions, sentences and press releases, as well as a professional dialogue platform for the members. Last but not least, the membership portal contains a calendar for DFA events and courses, as well as the option of sharing course materials.

The membership portal is based on SharePoint Online, Yammer and IntraActive Intranet, and the portal is also available to members via IntraActive’s mobile app. There has been an increased focus on making the Membership Portal accessible and user-friendly for the many external members.

With IntraActive, DFA has now got a modern membership portal that connects the members and at the same time supports the ongoing dialogue and knowledge sharing in the organization.

“With the solution from IntraActive, we have a modern membership portal that supports the ongoing knowledge sharing and makes it easy to involve the members of the organization.”
Lisbeth Darling Wegener
Danish Family Lawyers / Lawyer at Ret & Råd Slagelse - Thurø Wegener Advokatanpartsselskab

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