A vibrant intranet

BDO uses IntraActive Intranet for targeted communication




BDO in Denmark and BDO in Norway were in need of an engaging intranet that could unite the regional organizations.


By relying on targeted content on their new intranets, both BDO Norway and BDO Denmark reaches all employees with relevant content.

Targeting has provided BDO with a vibrant and personal intranet

BDO in Denmark and BDO in Norway both uses IntraActive Intranet for targeted communication and knowledge sharing

"We are very happy with our intranet and the technology behind it. The fact that it is Software as a Service means that we have to worry less about updates. This happens all by itself and means that the core elements of our intranet are quality-assured and continuously updated. We have been pleased with the collaboration with the product team behind IntraActive Intranet, who makes us feel heard when we provide input and ideas. The intranet is our common digital workplace that supports our strategy by offering a relevant, updated and user-friendly approach to news, collaboration, knowledge sharing, competencies and learning."
Simon Warnich
Digital Business Developer and Project Manager, BDO Denmark

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