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Smartstash Revolutionizes Knowledge Sharing at SOS International

One of the leading assistance organizations in the Nordics uses Smartstash for knowledge management in their Nordic Emergency center




Outdated tools made it difficult for the employees in the SOS International’s Nordic emergy center to quickly locate needed instructions and policies


With Smartstash, SOS International has optimized knowledge management and sharing for over 200 employees in the Nordic emergy center

Easily accessible information

Smartstash has succesfully been adopted in SOS International, largely due to the strong searchability in the information management system.  By using carefully selected metadata, all information is tagged with keywords such as department, subject and document type. In addition, synonyms have been used across languages, so that a search in Norwegian also returns Danish results, and vice versa.

"We needed a more structured and unidirectional knowledge sharing. As a large emergency center that works around the clock, every day of the week, it is crucial to have a solution that can unify procedure descriptions and at the same time allow searches in several languages."
Tine Lind Gregersen
Manager of Operations, SOS International

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