Modern and targeted communication

Municipality of Hjørring uses modern digital tools to reach citizens and staff


Public Sector


Municipality of Hjørring were in need of new communication tools to reach employees and local citizens


With a modern intranet, the municipal staff have gained a strengthened corporate culture. The use of digital signage aimed at both staff and citizens have provided new opportunities for outreach and awareness

Targeted information

Municipality of Hjørring have gained the ideal tools for targeting communication to the desired recipients. All internal news can be pushed to specific audiences, while the 50 or so screens can show unique content, relevant for their location.

"It is something completely different to have an interactive intranet when you come from a closed website with only one-way communication. The fact that employees can send a like or comment on a news article helps to support a positive internal culture, and we are very excited to see how the municipality’s employees embrace the new communication platform."
Daniel Rask
Team Lead, Municipality of Hjørring

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