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Leman's intranet reaches all 700 international employees


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Before LEMAN had an intranet based on standard SharePoint. It only allowed for top-down communication from the headquarters and wasn’t available to the blue collar workers in LEMAN.


The new intranet, OurLEMAN, belongs to the employees and feels relevant whether they are located in the american office in Milwaukee or in Nuuk, Greenland.

LEMAN's intranet belongs to the employees

The global transport and logistics company LEMAN has launched a new intranet for all 700 employees in their organization, where they can collaborate and communicate across countries, departments and roles.

Where their old intranet never quite got a hold of the organization, the employees has welcomed the new intranet with open arms. Besides from all the new content, LEMAN has chosen to keep elements from the old intranet that both works and are recognizable to the users. The design is kept in the organization’s blue and red colors with targeting ensuring that content is relevant and personal.

"Our users are very happy with their new intranet. We see a great commitment with lots of likes and comments."
Birgitte Hansson
Group Marketing and Communication Director, LEMAN

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