DAFA connects employees globally with modern digital tools

DAFA has launched three new IT tools in record time, transforming internal communications and social cohesion




DAFA wanted to connect employees across continents and departments


DAFA increased social cohesion on a global scale by launching a new intranet, a corporate mobile app and digital signage across production facilities

innovative internal communication

DAFA has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability in all business decisions. With the new digital signage, the intranet and the mobile app, it has become easier to spread this focus to the entire organization.
"We can easily share our sustainability agenda on the info screens and the intranet. We wanted our focus on innovation to come through in our new solution, and it does. With the mobile access and the inviting design on the intranet and info screens, we show that we use the latest technology, also in our internal communication."
Line Holt Wilgaard
Head of People and Culture, DAFA

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