Municipality of Hjørring engages employees and residents with digital signage

23. June 2023

Municipality of Hjørring uses a large number of screens to reach all residents and members of staff with relevant news and content

As soon as you arrive in Hjørring from one of the major roads heading into the city, it is clear to see that this is a municipality that knows how to use capital letters. Here, passers-by are presented with upcoming events and other citizen-relevant messages on high pylon screens as they drive by.

"We use digital signage both internally and externally. We have a total of 90 screens and 19 more on the way, which can be found in assisted living homes, in libraries, the town hall and the job center, in dental care and more. They address either the citizens or the municipality's employees."
Torben Stampe Henningsen
Communications Consultant, Municipality of Hjørring

The many screens play an essential role for the municipality. The external screens – those aimed at the residents – announce upcoming events and local news, but they are also used to guide and direct – in general to get municipal messages out at eye level, where everyone can follow along. All screens are managed with Replay by IntraActive.

Saves time and energy

The digital signage by Replay are used in several places in Municipality of Hjørring to guide citizens right when they enter a public building. This applies, for example, to the assisted living centers, where visitors are met by a screen, which shows a list of residents and where they live. Visitors are easily guided to the person they need to visit, rather than having to find an employee. With the screens in use, both visitors and staff save valuable time, which can instead be spent on the elderly.

Integration for Facebook and the intranet

It is important for Municipality of Hjørring to be able to reuse content from other communication channels such as Facebook and the intranet. Fortunately, this can be done with Replay by IntraActive.

"We often use our Facebook posts on the info screens in an RSS feed. Here, our colleagues publish a lot of good news that we would like to share. We also have a great integration to our intranet, HjørNet, from which we can share internal news on our internal screens with just two clicks.”
Torben Stampe Henningsen
Communications Consultant

Digital signage for events

Municipality of Hjørring does not just use the digital signage to advertise and notify of upcoming events. No, the screens are also used while the events take place.

"We have just held the Nature Meeting in Hirtshals. It is an annual public meeting about nature, which spans 3 days and has 30,000 visitors. Here we had 2 big screens, the kind you use for festivals, set up in the open-air venue. In addition, we had 16 screens distributed between the 5 stages. These were all temporary screens that were only to be used on the days of the Nature Meeting, and it was easy to set them all up with Replay. They also showed different content, which we could change via wifi directly from our office. It worked really well."
Daniel Rask Christensen
Department Manager, Municipality of Hjørring

High user adoption

Municipality of Hjørring has managed to spread the use of digital signage throughout the municipality, from the administrative staff at the town hall all the way to the institutions.

The info screens are used widely throughout our organisation, but they are used differently depending on which target group we are trying to reach. When we switched to Replay, we experienced great support for the new system all around“, explains Torben Stampe Henningsen.

A user-friendly system

Unlike many other digital signage solutions, which require download of third-party products and separate logins, Replay is used directly from Microsoft Teams.

"Our editors are happy with the ease of use in Replay. It is modern and easy to access, even for editors who are not so well versed on a computer. It's easier to access than our old system, and you quickly get a sense of how the content will look on the screen with the great preview function,"
Torben Stampe Henningsen
Communications Consultant

It is also really nice that Replay is available as an app in Teams, now that we in the organization have chosen to use Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool. Most people open Microsoft Teams every morning when they turn on the computer, and then all their tools are ready for use, whether it’s the intranet or Replay. We are very happy that it is available from several different devices, so that you can easily design content for the screen, regardless of whether you are using an iPad, mobile or desktop,” adds Daniel Rask Christensen.

If you want to see how Municipality of Hjørring uses the info screens, you can browse the gallery below. Here are pictures from the Nature Meeting as well as the town hall, library, and more.

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