IntraActive Intranet

Meet your users where they are

IntraActive Connect

Bridge the gap between organizations and allow for easy collaboration

IntraActive Governance

Create a strong foundation for your Teams collaboration

IntraActive Learning

Support the training needs of your employees

Products for the digital workplace in Microsoft 365

Personal, flexible, smart

IntraActive is a suite of products for Microsoft 365 focused on establishing a strong communications and collaboration platform. The mission of the IntraActive product suite is to enable you to tap into the full potential of Microsoft 365 and ensure your success.

IntraActive Intranet is an addon product for SharePoint and Microsoft 365. IntraActive Intranet acts as an accelerator to build an easy-to-use intranet by adding a large number of features to SharePoint such as easy targeting, user-friendly navigation, own branded mobile app, Team integration and more.

Microsoft Teams is gaining ground in many organizations as a collaboration platform. IntraActive Governance is the product that ensures governance, transparency and overview in the use of Microsoft Teams. Get Teams created in structured way and define the life cycle you want for your different types of Teams.

IntraActive Connect goes a step further by opening up collaboration across organizations, e.g. when a large company wants to collaborate with its subsidiaries or when a municipality wants to be able to easily communicate and collaborate with school staff.

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