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IntraActive Intranet works as an accelerator for creating a user friendly intranet for SharePoint. IntraActive Intranet adds a number of features such as an editor portal, short messages, governance, easy targeting, user friendly navigation, your own branded mobile app, Teams integration and many other features.

Reach all employees


Infoscreens is a strong tool for supporting internal communication and making sure that information flows in the entire organization. With IntraActive RePlay you get an app for Microsoft Teams that makes it incredibly easy to create, publish and manage content for infoscreens. Replay integrates directly to news on your SharePoint intranet.

Informing and engaging users


As users are spending a substantial amount of their work day in Teams, there is a growing need to be able to reach them with information and notifications here. IntraActive Pling can push important news to targeted employees, inform editors about content revision as well as comments and likes on a news article. Pling can also alert team members of missing ownership of Teams. 

Connect people across multiple organizations


IntraActive Connect makes it possible to build a bridge between users from different organizations. Connect automatically migrates users from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another tenant and makes a guest user scenario easy to manage.

Provides overview and keeps collaboration in control


Microsoft Teams has made it easier than ever to collaborate in organizational teams or project teams. Microsoft Teams is the application that can do anything and everything, and this is why there is a need for a tool to define the rules of engagement. IntraActive Governance gives you control over the creation of new teams with naming conventions, automated policies, templates and the life cycle process for the different types of Teams.

Get all users off to a good start with Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 has a pretty big selection of digital tools and it is a big task to prepare all employees and help them get the most out of the toolbox. With our learning portal, IntraActive Learning, you can ensure that everyone has access to training material in exactly those Microsoft 365 courses that they need in their everyday work. Courses are available in English as well as in Danish.

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