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IntraActive makes it easy to establish and maintain a modern intranet

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Personal, flexible, smart

Your IntraActive experience is shaped by who you are, what you work on, where you work, your preferred language and your interests. This lets every user see the intranet as relevant and personal.

The built-in flexibility in the IntraActive modules means that the intranet can be adapted to your needs.

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Reaching your employees with important information has never been easier...


Guide users with user friendly navigation

The value of UX (user experience) has long been appreciated on websites, but in too many internal systems across organizations the user experience has been overlooked. In this post we show how an improved navigation can give a better user experience on your intranet.


Adoption on the Intranet

New systems mean new habits, which automatically creates opposition in the organization. So even though you look forward to presenting the new intranet to your colleagues, they might not look forward to changing their ways of doing things. That is why it is vital to combine the launch of an intranet with adoption.