Smartstash Revolutionizes Knowledge Sharing at SOS International

23. August 2023

One of the leading assistance organizations in the Nordics uses Smartstash for knowledge management in their Nordic emergency center

As one of the leading assistance organizations in the Nordics, SOS International provides emergency assistance to Nordic travelers all over the world, day and night, all year round. In order to provide the best service, SOS International has implemented the knowledge management tool SmartStash.

With SmartStash, SOS International has optimized knowledge management and sharing in their Nordic emergency center, which covers travelers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and TC (Transport Centre). From here, over 200 employees help Norwegian and Danish travelers with everything from medical emergencies to urgent travels back home. For the emergency center’s employees, there is a wealth of information, instructions and policies that set the framework for their work. Previously, they could find these in an old HTML-based tool, which was difficult to both maintain and update.

The choice of Smartstash

"We needed a more structured and unidirectional knowledge sharing. As a large emergency center that works around the clock, every day of the week, it is crucial to have a solution that can unify procedure descriptions and at the same time allow searches in several languages."
Tine Lind Gregersen
Manager of Operations, SOS International

After careful evaluation and research, SOS International decided to select SmartStash as their new information management system. SmartStash offered a smooth implementation, versatile features and a user-friendly interface that perfectly suited the company’s requirements and business needs. At the same time, SmartStash provides ample opportunities for reporting and approval processes, which ensure that SOS International complies with applicable requirements.

Excitement in the peak season

The implementation of SmartStash was quick and efficient, which was necessary as SOS International faced their busiest time of the year: the summer holidays. SOS International has named the new knowledge management tool SOS Compass, and when it was ready at the end of June, it was met with great enthusiasm among the emergency center’s employees.

"The reaction to our new tool has been really good. We were ready to make any corrections the users wanted, but so far they’ve only asked for minor tweaks. Our employees are very happy about the possibility to search in different languages, and it has become much easier and not least faster to find the information you need."
Tine Lind Gregersen
Manager of Operations, SOS International

Easily accessible information

The positive reception is largely due to the strong searchability in SOS Compass. By using carefully selected metadata, all information is tagged with keywords such as department, subject and document type. In addition, synonyms have been used across languages, so that a search in Norwegian also returns Danish results, and vice versa.

Ease of use and compliance

The successful deployment of SmartStash has included the training of 25 editors. However, the training was easy to do, as SmartStash is built with ease of use in mind.

"We have sent out instructions and sat next to the editors the first time they had to create something, but it has been so easy that most of them barely needed the training."
Tine Lind Gregersen
Manager of Operations, SOS International

SmartStash has not only made work easier for the emergency center’s employees. It has also resulted in optimized time consumption.

About Smartstash

SmartStash is an integrated management system based on SharePoint Online that makes it easy to share knowledge across organizations. SmartStash is designed to meet overall compliance rules and ISO standards. SmartStash is available on PC, tablet, smartphone and in Microsoft Teams.

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