Upcoming AI features in IntraActive Intranet

23. November 2023

A look at future product updates supported by AI


The IntraActive product suite, which is built on Microsoft Cloud technologies, enables companies to create modern and user-friendly solutions that support collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing in Microsoft 365. We in the team behind the IntraActive product suite have just embarked on a major journey towards more and new AI initiatives that hopefully will make the work with internal communication and collaboration smarter and more efficient. In this article, we describe how AI influences the development of our products and thus changes and optimizes the processes of internal communication and collaboration in Microsoft 365.

AI (artificial intelligence) is a technology that can mimic human intelligence and perform tasks that normally require human knowledge, understanding or creativity. The area is not new to us, in fact we have been developing features based on AI technology for some time. Among other things, we have implemented a cognitive service that can translate news from one language to another without editorial and manual. Another example is our icon bank, where we have applied AI technology to create synonyms for the icons to make it easier for end users to search for icons.

The background for us using the metaphor of embarking on a greater journey, is because we want to make it even more efficient for both the editors and the end users to create, manage and read content, as well as find answers to any questions in the information produced with our products.

It is no secret that it can be difficult to find the right answer on an intranet, if the content is placed incorrectly or written in a language that the end user does not quite understand. With AI technology, we get the opportunity to suggest content and answer questions, without having to gather input from a whole team of super users  for “Frequently Asked Questions”.

3 future features

We are working on these AI initiatives in our products, here with illustrations for the IntraActive Intranet product:

A chat-based interface that can answer frequently asked questions, provide guidance and help find relevant information on the intranet, e.g. from the employee or IT handbook. This chat-based interface must be considered a virtual assistant that can provide specific answers to specific questions based on the data that already exists. For example “What are my maternity leave conditions”.

Chatbased interface

A mock-up of the future chat-based interface

A recommendation system that can suggest relevant content, people, groups and documents based on the user’s profile, their interests and behaviour. In other words, an algorithm that analyzes the user’s preferences and history and compares them with other users’ data. A recommendation system can give the user personal suggestions for what they should read, see, follow or participate in on the intranet.

A text generator* that can help the editor find the best headline, write news, a teaser in the news based on the content or a targeted text for the digital signage solution based on a news item from the intranet. A text generator can save the editor time and trouble formulating messages and make them more interesting and persuasive for end users.

A mock-up of how editors will be able to activate AI on different parts of the intranet

*The text generator is a machine learning model that can produce coherent & meaningful texts based on a topic, keyword or template.

It is important to point out that the best experience with the AI tools happens if the information is born and available. Therefore, it is still required that information about e.g. maternity conditions and the users’ personal information is updated and correct.

With these AI functions, the IntraActive team offers the opportunity to use AI on the intranet, and thereby gain experience with the technology before investmenting in Microsoft Copilot. 

If you want to know more about how we integrate the AI tools or have ideas for initiatives, please reach out to us.

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