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23. March 2023

Here are the answers to some of our customers' most burning questions on intranet best practice

Our customers always ask us some excellent questions regarding intranet use and best practice. And our bet is that they are not the only ones facing their particular challenges. That’s why we’ve decided to make a classic agony aunt advice column, with their most burning questions answered by our experts.

If you have an intranet question that you want to ask our experts, just use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Profile pictures on the intranet

Dear IntraActive, How do we get our employees to post their profile picture on the Intranet? We do not require our employees to use images for e.g. security cards or other purposes, so we don’t have a stock of images that can be used on the intranet. How do we get employees to upload pictures of themselves?
Best regards
The Intranet Editor

Dear Intranet editor

Getting colleagues to post a picture of themselves can be difficult. And we don’t mean that it is difficult to hit the upload button, on the contrary. The hard part is the change of behavior. Everyone wants to see photos of other colleagues in the organization, especially if you have over 100 employees, but not a whole lot find it fun to share photos of themselves.

A good suggestion is to bring the profile picture up during a personal development meeting. Use the opportunity to talk about visibility and openness and encourage employees to have a picture on their profile. One argument for the employee is our hybrid way of working. Your profile picture may be the only way your colleagues get to see you on a regular basis, so it’s a shame if it’s just your initials. The profile update can be include more than just uploading the profile image. Maybe your employees can also benefit from adding their tasks and competencies.

Some organizations also do an Employee of the week, which is always accompanied by a profile picture, to create closeness and recognizability.

You should also make sure to start the change with yourself and your fellow intranet editors. Whenever possible, use staff photos in news and ensure that all editors have a profile picture on the content they are responsible for. It creates an awareness that profile pictures are important to us.

Archiving a SharePoint site

Dear mailbox We have a COVID site that we would like to archive but NOT delete, how do we do that?
The SharePoint Queen

Dear SharePoint Queen

SharePoint does not have an archive function, but the solution could be to remove the rights of all users and editors and only have an administrator be able to see the site.

This means that users and editors will not be able to browse the website or view content from it.

Rights on Shared Sites for End Users

Dear IntraActive We have a site where users can only read, but on the same site we need a calendar where they can add data. How do permissions on lists and libraries relate to permissions on the site?

Dear L.L.

To make this possible, you must break the inheritance of permissions in the list and add the users individually or via an AD group. If you ad the users in the standard groups on the website (i.e. at the top level), then the users also get access to edit all other content on the page. The solution is therefore to break the inheritance.

Here’s a how to guide by Microsoft

No personal data on user profiles

Hello Mailbox Our HR department has informed us that employee data in the SharePoint/Delve profile must not contain personal information such as date of employment, personal address, etc. Can we block the entry of this information?
From the Confused

Dear Confused

Yes! It is possible to set permissions on the standard fields in the SharePoint/Delve profile and thus completely shut down the users from updating this information. The decision from your HR department  cold be based on GDPR regulations and the fact that the information is in a public cloud, i.e. Microsoft 365.


The SharePoint Maven has a great guide for this

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