Give video on the intranet a (second) chance

23. March 2023

Publish your intranet news to the digital bulletin boards straight from the intranet and make sure that all employees can stay up to date

Use video on the intranet

Video is a powerful communication tool, and ever since the video format became commonplace in the early days of YouTube, video has also played a role in internal communication.

In the technological world that Microsoft develops and that we work with, much of the internal broad communication is pushed through SharePoint solutions and SharePoint portals, for example on the ‘Intranet’.

So far, the distribution of video on the SharePoint intranet has been possible but not always with good experiences for the communication department or the viewers. 

Several organizations have invested in external YouTube-like solutions for the same reason – because it worked and was easier. This need for external solutions is changing, however, as the classic video solution from Microsoft “Stream” has been  launched in a new version: “Stream on SharePoint”.

Based on our first experiences with the new Stream service, it works quite well and significantly better than the classic Stream solution – and therefore we believe that the time may be ripe for everyone to give video on the intranet a (second) chance. Perhaps you can even phase out some of the external video portals you pay for and save a little on the IT budget. It is worth looking into.

If you have the courage to play around with the new Stream service, then consider the following 3 formats in your internal communication. They do not have to be “expensive” or difficult to produce.

1: Fast Friday Update

A recorded speech from the CEO to all employees. The main focus areas and most important points are outlined here. The level of detail is low and a flow of continuous updates ensures agility.
Try using Stream’s own intuitive recording feature for this. 

2: Explain your processes smarter and better

Record the PowerPoint you’re already using over and over. Cameo in PowerPoint makes it possible to record the slides while featuring in front of the slides as a presenter, for a more personalized experience. Share the final recording in Stream on SharePoint and publish it it an intranet news so everyone can watch. 

3: Setup your own video portal for new employees

Once you get started with the video format you’ll quickly generate a bunch of good videos. With the new Stream on SharePoint you can build your own video portal with selected videos for select audiences. For instance, you can set up a portal for new employees so they can quickly gain an understanding of how you operate and what the corporate culture is like. 

Get in touch if you want assistance in adopting the new Stream and on how to succeed with video for internal communications. 

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