Publish intranet news straight to your digital bulletin boards

23. January 2023

Publish your intranet news to the digital bulletin boards straight from the intranet and make sure that all employees can stay up to date

It’s now easier than ever to share news from your intranet on your digital signage solution with Replay. 

Many of our customers use both IntraActive Intranet and IntraActive Replay, our products for intranet and digital signage. So we want to make the integration between the two as seamless as possible, for their sake. When you publish a news article on the intranet, it only takes 2 additional clicks to share the news on the Replay screens of your choice. 

When your co-workers see the news on the digital bulletin boards they even get a QR code that leads straight to the intranet news article. 

What the video to see just how easy it is. 

Strengthen your internal communication

IntraActive Intranet and IntraActive Replay are the tools you need if you want to fuel your internal communication. Whether your co-workers work from a desk, in the warehouse or are on the road, you can reach them with important news and events. IntraActive Intranet is available on computer, mobile phone and tablet, while Replay screens can be placed in strategic places so they’re seen by as many as possible. 

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