Municipality of Thisted offers digital learning with IntraActive Learning

07. July 2022

With IntraActive’s suite of learning tools, Municipality of Thisted now offers courses in Microsoft 365 to 4.000 employees

In 2019 Municipality of Thisted started their digital transition to the Microsoft 365 platform. As part of this transition, users had to exchange Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams, but with more than 4.000 employees in the organization, the IT-department quickly realized that they would be facing adoption challenges.  

Therefore, the municipality started looking for a solution that could support their staff’s transition towards the modern digital workplace, and especially the new tool, Microsoft Teams.  

“We didn’t know a lot about Microsoft Teams, and we had to shut down Skype. In that situation, it was nice to be able to offer a complete learning experience that could help our employees in the transition to the new tools.” 

 Lene Kjær Holst, Section Leader, Digitalization 

Virtual learning with continuous updates

The choice fell on IntraActive Learning’s digital platform. Here the employees can improve their general competencies within the Microsoft 365 universe while they, through specific courses, can become proficient in Microsoft Teams. The E-learning courses have dramatically increased the adoption of Microsoft Teams with these specific courses topping the lists over the most used content.  

According to Lars Byrielsen, Digitalization consultant at Municipality of Thisted, IntraActive Learning has several advantages that fit the needs of the municipality: 

“It is important to us that the course material is easily accessible, quick to use, and available in Danish. IntraActive Learning’s universe consists of various courses with brief videos, and they can be used to get a quick overview or understand something specific in-depth. We have had great experiences with the platform.” 

Furthermore, Lars Byrielsen points out that the learning material is always updated based on the latest software news and updates in Microsoft 365. 

The customer network gathers inspiration and information

Besides continuous updates of the learning material, all IntraActive clients are offered to join a network with access to tools and information sources. To Lars Byrielsen the ongoing sparring, and the option to stay updated on error corrections and product updates, are extra services that add a lot of value: 

“I always receive qualified answers from the product team on whatever questions I post on Yammer, and I check the groups in there several times a week for updates and inspiration,” Lars explains. “Also, I am a big fan of Fellowminds monthly webinar “Microsoft 365 Update.” I don’t always have the time to familiarize myself with the many updates from Microsoft, so being able to simply prioritize this webinar 30 minutes per month, is the perfect solution for me to get an overview.” 

As part of his work with spreading Microsoft 365’s tools in the organization, Lars visits the municipality’s various departments and conducts courses for inspiration. He receives positive feedback from employees about the courses in IntraActive Learning’s universe. It is especially the flexibility and availability of the platform that is being highlighted: 

“It is a big plus for the employees that they can simply watch a video or two throughout their workday whenever it suits them. Furthermore, many are happy about the course platform being available as an app in Teams which makes it easier to find it and remember that IntraActive Learning is a service available to them.” 

Lars Byrielsen  

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