MOE ensures structured use of Microsoft Teams with IntraActive Governance

22. April 2022

IntraActive Governance will help MOE streamline and improve the use of Microsoft Teams for the benefit of over 1,000 employees in Denmark.

MOE A/S is one of Denmark’s largest consulting engineering companies with more than 1,000 employees in their Danish office. MOE had already begun the transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams a few years back, but when the coronavirus pandemic sent most of their employees home, it quickly became clear that there was a need to use Microsoft Teams more purposefully in the organization.

“In the period before corona, our employees had been working on creating teams, and there was therefore a lack of structure and clarity of the workflows in the use of the program,” Camilla Ingerslev Sørensen, Digital Designer at MOE explains.

IntraActive Governance proved to be the obvious solution to clean up existing teams and structure the continued use of Teams. In addition, it was a huge plus for MOE that the product was largely built in advance and did not require a big development process.

Integration with the ERP system

MOE registers their projects in the ERP system Maconomy, but they lacked a common platform for their project collaboration. IntraActive Governance must, therefore, in addition to structuring the employees’ use of Teams, support the company’s project work. MOE’s IntraActive Governance solution is thus integrated with Maconomy and automates the creation of new collaboration spaces in Microsoft Teams. The spaces are born with relevant content, making the end-user able to initiate the project work immediately after the creation. IntraActive Governance standardizes collaboration spaces so employees can easily navigate and find content across.

Recognizability across projects

Camilla Ingerslev Sørensen hopes that the integration to Maconomy, a new manageable folder structure that brings together all parts of the project work as well as governance on the creation of new teams, will streamline and make the collaboration at MOE more effective.

“We needed a common vision for the use of Microsoft Teams, and with IntraActive Governance we get that. Gaining clarity on how and when we create teams, I am convinced will create value for our employees in their daily work.”

Great responsiveness and quick customizations

MOE is scheduled to go live with the solution in April 2022 after a few months of project work with development, adjustments, and tests. The next part of the project will be to focus on user adoption and ensure that more than 1,000 users get the most out of the solution. For this purpose, Fellowmind has, among other things, provided training material.

“We have been very pleased with the process and the collaboration with Fellowmind and the IntraActive team. During the process, we have had many wishes in addition to what the standardized solution offers, and we have experienced great responsiveness, quick adjustments, and good dialogue throughout,” Camilla Ingerslev Sørensen concludes. “Now we’re just looking forward to getting to the finish line.”

“We have been very satisfied with the process and the collaboration with Fellowmind and the IntraActive team. During the process, we have had many requirements in addition to what the standard products offers, and we have experienced great responsiveness, quick extensions and adjustments to the product and good dialogue throughout ", concludes Camilla Ingerslev Sørensen. "Now we are just looking forward to reaching the finish line".
Camilla Ingerslev Sørensen
Digital Designer, MOE

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