Introduction to Viva Connections

23. July 2023

Make sense of Viva Connections and discover how it can help frontline workers

Since COVID19, a large part of our work life has moved into Microsoft Teams. A necessary evil for some and a huge advantage for many. With Viva Connections, the intranet has “moved into Teams,” and it is possible to make the digital employee experience even more vibrant with Adaptive cards. 

Unpacking the Essence of Viva Connections

Viva Connections, in essence, enables easy access to the intranet directly within Microsoft Teams. This integration holds particular relevance for individuals who spend a significant portion of their workday in Teams or are gradually transitioning towards it. While for most users, Viva Connections functions as a means to incorporate the intranet seamlessly into Teams, it also introduces additional elements such as Adaptive cards within a Dashboard. These Adaptive cards allow for the targeted delivery of relevant content, including news, conversations, and tools, thereby enhancing the overall employee experience.

Empowering Frontline Employees

One of the key aspects of Viva Connections is its focus on frontline employees. By leveraging this feature, a frontline employee can open their Teams app and access various processes and tools via Viva Connections. This could range from tasks like time registration to other essential functions. Additionally, they can stay up to date with the latest news from the intranet, engage in conversations through Viva Engage, and much more. Viva Connections serves as a hub for frontline employees to conveniently access the resources they need, all within the familiar environment of Microsoft Teams.

The Dashboard and Adaptive Cards

Viva Connections introduces a Dashboard, which serves as the central hub for users within Teams. This Dashboard provides quick and easy access to tools, shortcuts, and the latest updates from the intranet and other relevant sources. Adaptive cards play a crucial role in making the employee experience interactive and personalized. Through Adaptive cards, users can access targeted information, view images, texts, and interact with pop-ups, all while staying within the Teams interface. Although the full potential of Adaptive cards requires some development expertise, they offer a way to deliver intelligent shortcuts and enhanced functionalities.

The Mobile Experience and Future Prospects

Viva Connections is of course compatible with mobile devices. Although the SharePoint Home page is not  accessible on mobile or tablet devices, the Viva Connections Dashboard offers a tailored and responsive experience for mobile users. It is worth noting that Viva Connections continues to evolve, and further enhancements may be introduced to address mobile limitations.

Availability and Cost

Viva Connections is available at no additional cost for organizations already utilizing Teams. However, frontline employees will require a Teams license to leverage its benefits fully. While this may represent a significant investment for some organizations, the enhanced employee experience and productivity gains often outweigh the associated costs.


Viva Connections revolutionizes the way organizations integrate their intranet functionalities into Microsoft Teams. By bringing the intranet “inside Teams” and leveraging Adaptive cards, Viva Connections enhances the digital employee experience and enables easy access to essential tools, information, and processes. As organizations increasingly embrace remote work and collaboration through Teams, Viva Connections offers a seamless and convenient solution for frontline employees to stay connected and productive.

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