”To know or not to know” – Take control of internal knowledge

23. February 2023

Publish your intranet news to the digital bulletin boards straight from the intranet and make sure that all employees can stay up to date

In a time where we can work from anywhere and at anytime it is more important than ever to have access to the right information at the right time. But in an organization using many different tools and platforms it can be hard to ensure a best practice for employees, that enables them to find the necessary information. This challenge is magnified by the modern hybrid workplace, where Microsoft 365 makes it easier to work efficiently, but harder to ensure knowledge sharing and best practice.

As a manager it can be hard to ensure that knowledge is available at every branch of the organization and as an employee its equally challenging to find the necessary information at the right time.

The solution is a knowledge management portal.  

IT Development or a ready-made product – what to choose?

In order to create a robust and unified practice when it comes to knowledge management portals in Microsoft 365, it is necessary to establish a common guide and governance on the available platforms. But to create a structured and qualified knowledge management portal requires adaptations and organizational implementation. Both highly demanding disciplines.

The choice between internal IT development and a ready-made product is a choice that needs to happen internally in the organization. You need to decide if there is even enough internal IT capacity to develop and maintain a solution or if you would rather rely on an experienced supplier with an annual license plan.

Both choices come with their own advantages and disadvantages and its important to pick the solution that is best suited for the needs of the company.

SmartStash – the efficient solution for knowledge sharing in organizations

SmartStash is a ready-made solution that makes knowledge sharing easy and efficient. SmartStash offers functionality that effectively solves many of the knowledge sharing challenges we normally see in companies.

It is easy and intuitive to search for content with SmartStash – there are several ways to do it that benefits both employees at the office as well as deskless workers. SmartStash also offers the ability to sign off on content read and a manager can follow up on who read what. The data can of course be exported in a report.

All major processes are available: revision, approval, governance, permission control and mandatory/recommended content.

It is even possible to work with SmartStash in Microsoft Teams, even from a smart phone, making it possible to find and share information from anywhere. This enables efficient knowledge sharing of relevant content.

The 4 organizations that can benefit the most from a knowledge management portal

Knowledge management portals benefit most companies, but particularly these 4 types of organizations:

  1. Public sector organizations with directives and policies that employees must follow
  2. Companies focusing on and documenting compliance
  3. Knowledge heady organizations where recommendations and best practice are necessary to create and deliver the right solutions
  4. Companies in need of an extranet solution where they can make documentation available for external collaborators and customers


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