Municipality of Horsens has taken control of Microsoft Teams

23. June 2023

Municipality of Horsens uses IntraActive Governance to manage collaboration and control external access in Microsoft Teams

The implementation of Microsoft Teams opens a world of collaborative opportunities. But for all its strengths there are downsides. Without the proper framework set in place, the organization can quickly loose control of teams being created, external users being added and what happens to teams no longer in use.

Municipality of Horsens decided to forego this headache, by implementing Microsoft Teams together with IntraActive Governance. Since it’s been there from the start, the end users today see IntraActive Governance as an integrated part of Microsoft Teams.

"Since we’ve had the app from the beginning, it is a natural extension of Teams and our users do not see it as an external component. It’s given us tools to control our efforts around teams and for example in regard to the creation of teams for our external collaborative partners."
Arman Asovic
Digitalization Consultant, Municipality of Horsens

External users

Staying in control of what the external users can access has always been of utmost importance to Horsens Municipality. IntraActive Governance has made it possible for the IT department to stay on top of all permissions.

"We’ve made it possible to invite external users like suppliers into collaboration teams, but we didn’t want to allow invites with only an email. IntraActive Governance has made it possible for us to create a separate access point for the external users, with key components to ensure the security level that we want to maintain. We’re really happy with the solution and we imagine it’ll be used more and more.”
Trine Skau
Digitalization Consultant, Municipality of Horsens

Control with, chaos without

With IntraActive Governance being so integrally linked to Microsoft Teams in Horsens, it’s hard to imagine what their Microsoft Teams landscape would have looked like without. But a key factor in implementing IntraActive Governance, was talking to other municipalities and organizations prior to the Microsoft Teams implementation.

"We’ve been lucky enough to have had the IntraActive Governance app from the get-go. What we’ve heard from other similar organizations is, that they’ve had major issues in controlling the amount of teams created. In quite a short time it’s grown out of control and the clean up is quite difficult. That’s why I think IntraActive Governance is the right tool for getting started with Microsoft Teams."
Arman Asovic
Digitalization Consultant, Municipality of Horsens

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