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22. February 2022

Control your notifications with IntraActive Intranet and the Mobile App

When someone creates News in SharePoint, it is sometimes published to employees via the SharePoint App. SharePoint attempts to determine if the news is interesting to you based on your relationship with the news author.

Microsoft describes it like this in their documentation:

The following may suggest interest:

  • Do the two of you work closely together, based on common work in Microsoft 365?
  • Is the person who posted the news in your management chain?
  • Do you work closely with people who report to the person who posted the news?

Microsoft has decided that the logic described above will be used for all news created in every organization. It’s not bad, but I would argue that it is Mission Impossible.

The result of these general rules is bound to be mediocre at best. There are so many pitfalls that I don’t know where to start.

How about an announcement from HR? You might now work closely with them, and they are not in your management chain.

How about the reception announcing there is cake in the lunchroom? You want to know that based on your LOCATION and not on your working relationship with the author.

Mediocre is terrible

If your notifications are anything less than excellent, then they are terrible. People will turn them off or ignore them, and you will have lost out on a great opportunity.

You are in control

That is why we have taken a radically different approach to notification in IntraActive Intranet and the mobile app that is included and integrated into our product.

Quite simply, the news authors are in control of who will receive notifications. This is based on AD groups, and we have made a layer of virtual AD groups in-between for two purposes:

  • In case the existing AD groups do not accurately target the way that is usually needed when creating news.
  • In case there are AD groups that are not relevant.

Humans are much better at deciding which notifications should be sent to which groups of people. Notifications are such a valuable resource to engage employees, and with the combination of the IntraActive mobile app and targeted push notifications, we provide the best conditions to make sure notifications are relevant and timely.

“Our notifications have thus proven to be a valuable tool for engaging employees, and with the combination of IntraActive's mobile app and targeted push notifications, we deliver optimal conditions to ensure that notifications are relevant and current. We ensure that the sender is in control and that the recipients feel the content is relevant. ”
Niels Brinch
Manager, Products

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