Automate your Microsoft Teams Governance

Get the full potential of Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool in your organization

IntraActive Governance

Get the best out of your Teams collaboration

IntraActive Governance enables you to create and automate policies for the use and governance of Microsoft Teams

Take control of Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams it's easier than ever before to work together in organizational teams or project teams. Microsoft Teams is your one stop app for collaboration, but with an applikation that can do everything, you need a tool to set the boundaries. That tool is IntraActive Governance. We give you control of teams creation with naming conventions, automated policies, team templates and much more.

Automate the life cycle of your teams

Life cycle

From creation to archiving a typical team in Microsoft Teams goes through certain phases. With IntraActive Governance the life cycle can be automated, allowing the team members to focus on collaboration.

ISS has gained control over thousands of Teams

By using IntraActive Governance ISS has automated team life cycles from start to finish. Their IntraActive solution contains policies for naming conventions, permissions and more.

Take control of Microsoft Teams

When an organization rolls out Microsoft Teams the can quickly become cluttered and unmanagable. IntraActive Governance helps with...

Naming conventions

Make sure no Teams are created with noninformative names like "Project 1"


With IntraActive companies can control sharing and permissions. This includes data and document protection, legal and regulatory requirements like GDPR.


A team should not have just 1 owner. It can cause complications if the owner leaves the company or similar. With IntraActive you ensure that all Teams have 2 owners. 


Our provisioning happens in an application, not in Teams, Outlook or SharePoint.


With our provisioning engine you can tag Teams as soon as they are created with the metadata that is relevant for your organization. This makes findability far easier, even when you have 3000 Teams. 


With IntraActive you can set the rules and automations that make sense to you and your Teams. The life cycle of the team is controlled from cradle to grave, whether it be archiving, deleting or something completely different.